Monday, May 21, 2012

What A Weekend!

I am so tired after this crazy weekend but also so very, very happy-- we almost sold out on Sunday afternoon!  What a great feeling that was, we did better than I could ever have imagined and I met so many wonderful people.  I was also fortunate to finally meet THE " Miss Mustard Seed" who has the most wonderful blog that everyone should at least take a look at. She has been my inspiration to really get my business going, I just wish I took a picture with her!  Maybe next year? I did take a picture of the beautiful lavender that she gave me, "thank you Marian"! 

But the BIGGEST "Thank you" goes to my husband who was there to help and support me all the way with this new adventure! 
He has become my chief picker.  I will devote another post to his latest finds.  Thank you, Honey!

 Here he is, hauling the walnut table to the car of it's new owner.

I wish I had more time to really walk around and look at all the wonderful items but Terry did get a chance to take a few pictures.

I am so looking forward to doing this again next year but now back to getting my house in order. It's not cluttered anymore with my finds ----but we will see how long that lasts..............

Thanks again to all my family, friends and neighbors!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Luckett's Spring Sale Going Strong!

Wow, Saturday was such a great day at Luckett's Spring Sale. The weather was perfect, the crowds were amazing, and a lot of great treasures found new homes. I talked to people from several states that had traveled in to shop, and we had such a wonderful time. Everyone was happy and having fun!

The biggest surprise for me was that my cousin Joyce came down from Pennsylvania and visited me with her kids Melissa and Laura. Their cousin Lisa was in town on business from Phoenix, so they all decided to surprise me. What a wonderful shock!  Tears, hugs, laughter....Thanks guys!

I am so drained but in a good way, and I can't wait to get back to Luckett's to do it all again on Sunday.   We are restocked and ready.  The weather is clear and it promises to be another great day.  Here are a few scenes from Day1. Lots of neat things still waiting for new owners.  See you there!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Luckett's Eve

Well it's been a hectic 2 days running up to Luckett's to get set up but it was exciting as well. Today it looked so different as most of the vendors have unloaded and are getting set up. I recruited my hubby to help today since he has a truck. (TY!) I have to say that I saw a lot of great-looking antiques and cool rusty, crusty, repainted items peeking out from under tarps and being pulled out of trailers and SUVs this morning. I'm pretty much ready to go, just a little organizing. Hope I get some sleep tonight. I'm sure I'll need it. The weather couldn't be better, though, so I'm sure it'll be a great weekend. See ya on the other side! Say hi if you are able to make it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Time For The Luckett's Spring Market!

I'm excited that the weekend for the Luckett's Annual Spring Market has finally arrived! The show is being held May 19-20 at the Old Luckett's Store in Luckett's, Virginia. This show will feature vendors that have appeared in Country Living, Veranda and Junk Market, so it's a high quality show and should be a lot of fun. I've had a booth at Cedar Run Antiques in Catlett, Virginia for a few years now, and its been a great adventure. My motto, as you can see at the top of this blog, is "helping cool old things find appreciative new owners."  Sometimes an antique or unique old item just needs to be pulled out of a dusty old box, shined up and featured as the gem it is. Then when the right person comes along, it's love at first sight!

I've been collecting up a lot of great things recently, so it's time to share them at an antiques show like this one. The Old Luckett's Store is on Route 15 between Leesburg, VA and Frederick, MD.  There are over 170 vendors registered and the weather is supposed to be great!  I'm looking forward to it. As you can tell, there is a lot of preparation going on right now getting ready for the show. How do you like my paint booth? I like it because I get to talk to my neighbors walking by and enjoy the nice Spring weather at the same time! 

I have a lot of great items that I've been saving for the show, so I hope everyone comes to visit. The show will cover several fields around the Old Luckett's Store, but Mezzaluna Uniques and Antiques will be located right alongside Route 15, so that's where you'll find me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and helping you find that great old item you just can't live without. Check the website for directions and additional information.  See you there!