Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Business Partner

Well, my Autumn yard sale has come and gone, which means we must be getting close to Winter again. My neighborhood usually has a community yard sale in the Spring and again in the Fall. They are a lot of fun, checking out what treasures everyone has for sale and chit-chatting on the street while waiting for customers. Not to mention that I need a good clean-out about every 6 months. I am pretty good at finding great things, not so good about keeping them moving on to new owners sometimes! 

Now that I have some space I can actually work on some of the many antiques projects that are in need of attention. I am lucky to have a good supervisor on site with me all the time, and that is my gray tabby cat Scrunchie.  In the picture above, he is checking out one of the empty boxes in the driveway as last week's yard sale drew to a close. I always worry that there is too much traffic during the yard sales, but he stays out of the way and is a pleasant greeter for all my visitors. Although the box has a price on it, he's not getting sold - although I did get some offers!  

Here is a picture of Scrunchie that I took one day as I pulled into the driveway. He is keeping an eye on some of my eBay and Etsy purchases until I get home.  Is that a great business partner or what?  He is a big boy, so I don't think there's much chance anyone would challenge him for those packages. In truth, he is really a sweetie and loves getting petted and playing with strings, even as a 9-year old. I am grateful and lucky to have such a great business partner!